At Home Family Session | Newton, Massachusetts

I love when I’m invited to photograph a family at their home. There is something so sweet about seeing people in their natural setting. Daily routines are shared. Favorite spots are photographed. Kids and parents alike feel more at ease as they show me around and tell the stories of their home. The whole process feels intimate and real.

This particular home session was all that and more. When I arrived at the door I was instantly invited into the Berg’s beautiful Newton home. Their toddler was quick to tell me about her new baby brother, show me her books, and sat next to me as I rolled my film. Once we were all ready we slowly moved around their home and even took a walk down the street, swapping tales of parenthood and marveling at how life changes so rapidly.

In fact it was the morning of their 5th wedding anniversary. I photographed the moment they vowed to love each other forever, and here I was with them 5 years later documenting their darling children and the home they had created together. Being there for both these moments and seeing how they have grown as a couple touched my heart!

Sending lots of love and gratitude to the Bergs!