3 Tips for Dressing Your Family for Photos

You finally did it! You booked a family portrait session! You are so excited to have your family photographed! But wait, what are you all going to wear? Here are 3 steps for coming up with outfits…

1. If you are not sure where to start, I recommend finding a color palette first. There are tons of examples on pinterest. Once you have chosen a palette find pieces in your current wardrobes that have those colors, and see what other pieces you need to purchase, rent, or borrow to fill in gaps. Or, find an outfit that you love and feel good in. Take note on the style, and colors of that outfit and work from there to dress the rest of your family.

2. There are a few details you want to consider. Take for instance patterns. Limit the number of people in patterns. Avoid tiny patterns as they don’t always translate well in photos, and super large patterns can be unflattering. It’s all about balance! To add dimension to your wardrobe include textures like wool, crochet, or lace. And depending on light, really bright colors may reflect on your face, so I suggest not wearing vibrant colored tops. Neutrals, such as white, ivory, blush pink, navy blue, and brown, are always a safe bet, as they look good with all skin tones and lighting conditions.

3. Lastly, lay out all the clothes ahead of time and see how they look together. Do they all give off the same vibe? Are they the same level of sophistication? Do the colors work well together? If they do, you are set!

If you are looking for more inspiration here are some pinterest boards I’ve put together: HEIDI VAIL PORTRAITS | COLOR PALETTES | FAMILY ATTIRE | KID CLOTHES

And of course if you need additional help, let me know! I’m happy to brainstorm ideas or narrow down choices! More than anything I want you to feel comfortable and love what you are wearing. It will make your session a lot more enjoyable and reflect who you are!